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University knocks down tweet that Ebola airborne

Health workers work at an Ebola isolation center in Bamako, Mali on Nov. 11.

Photo: EPA

University of Minnesota officials are knocking down a tweet claiming its researchers say Ebola is airborne.

University spokeswoman Caroline Marin told the Star Tribune in Minneapolis that the university never made such a claim.

In fact, the tweet refers to a commentary posted a month ago on a university Web site that was written by Chicago-based researchers who were debating Ebola’s “potential to be transmitted” to health workers by aerosolized virus particles, and thus what protective gear they should wear.

World health authorities have been clear that Ebola is transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids, and that blood, vomit and feces carry the most virus.

What if a sick person’s wet sneeze hits your hand and then you absentmindedly rub your eyes? Asked about such scenarios recently, Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, allowed that, theoretically, “it would not be impossible” to catch the virus that way. But it is considered highly unlikely. No such case has been documented.

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1. knock down v. phr.

駁斥;降價 (bo2 chi4; jiang4 jia4)

例: He tried to persuade her to knock down the price of the apartment.


2. airborne adj.

空中傳播的 (kong1 zhong1 chuan2 bo4 de5)

例: She is allergic to airborne pollen.


3. unlikely adv.

不太可能地 (bu2 tai4 ke3 neng2 de5)

例: It is unlikely for him to have empathy for others.


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