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1,500 macaques the upper limit for Shoushan, say academics
壽山獼猴估一千五百隻 學者警告達負載上限

Macaques nurse their young at Shoushan Mountain in Greater Kaohsiung on Oct. 31.

Photo: Chang Chung-yi, Liberty Times

A recent survey by academics shows that about 1,000 macaques would be a reasonable upper limit for Shoushan Mountain, where there currently are 1,500 monkeys. Of those 1,500, about one-third have come there because humans feed them. The Shoushan National Nature Park Preparatory Office is calling on the public to stop feeding monkeys and it is also increasing its effort to collect evidence of feeding and issue fines.

The office has entrusted academics at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology with conducting a survey of the park’s 915 hectares. The survey shows that there are between 31 and 36 troops of Formosan Macaques in the park, consisting of between 1,300 and 1,400 monkeys in total. This does not include the Northern Shoushan Military Control Area.

At a forum on macaque health and group management, Kurtis Pei, a professor in the Institute of Wildlife Preservation at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, said that based on the largest area that a macaque does not share with other monkeys, Shoushan could hold about 31 groups with 22 to 47 monkeys each — about 1,000 monkeys. Pei also said that the largest number would be 1,500 and the lowest 750.

(Liberty Times)






1. academic n.

學者 (xue2 zhe3)

例: Most academics at our school have doctoral degrees.


2. stop v.

停止 (ting2 zhi3)

例: You should stop exploiting your section members.


3. entrust v.

委託 (wei3 tuo1)

例: The doctor took good care of all the patients that were entrusted into her care.


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