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Puli Car-Free Day: A day of bikes and butterflies
埔里無車日 宣示打造單車、蝴蝶「雙B城鎮」

People attend this year’s Car Free-Day event in Nantou County’s Puli Township on Nov 1.

Photo: Tung Chen-kuo, Liberty Times

This year’s Puli Car-Free Day opened at the National Puli Vocational High School on Nov 1, the theme being “Ride Bikes for the Trees, Run to your Heart’s Content.” The bike ride and jogging events, together with visits to old trees in the community and a butterfly ecology restoration event, attracted over 500 participants.

This year’s event was divided into the bike ride and the jogging groups. The bike ride group included a trip to search out old trees, using the bike ride to visit nine trees spread around the town, to find out about the life stories of trees such as the banyan tree, the black pine, the Chinese crapemyrtle and the podocarpus. The jogging group, meanwhile, went around roads in the community, visiting many community-run butterfly habitats and appreciating the flowers and butterflies along the route, spending a relaxing weekend.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)





1. (do something) to your heart’s content phr.

恣意 (zi4 yi4)

例: Finish your work first, then you can chat with your friends to your heart’s content.


2. habitat n.

棲地 (qi1 di4)

例: Urban expansion is eating away at some creatures’ natural habitats.


3. appreciate v.

鑑賞;欣賞 (jian4 shang3; xin1 shang3)

例: We will learn about the history of jazz, and also how to appreciate it.


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