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Maryland ban on grain alcohol hurts violin makers
馬里蘭州禁售穀物酒 殃及小提琴製造商

Workers empty corn kernels from a grain bin in Minooka, Illinois on Sept. 24.

Photo: Reuters

Binge drinkers and frat boys are not the only ones despairing over US state Maryland’s new ban on grain alcohol: Violin makers who used the liquor to make varnish are also affected.

Silver Spring violin maker Howard Needham tells The Washington Post that nothing works better than Everclear grain alcohol for making the varnishes he uses to repair chipped or broken musical instruments. He’s been hoarding whatever grain alcohol he can get his hands on since the ban took effect last month.

Other violin makers report similar concerns.

Maryland became one of several states to ban sales of alcohol at 190 proof or higher. Leaders at Maryland’s colleges and universities supported the ban, saying students abused grain alcohol as a cheap way to get drunk.








1. affect v.

影響 (ying2 xiang3)

例: The amount of rain affects the growth of crops.


2. get ones hands on something idiom

取得某物 (qu3 de2 mou3 wu4)

例: I can never get my hands on a pair of scissors in this office.


3. take effect v. phr.

生效 (sheng1 xiao4)

例: The new laws took effect last year.


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