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Guanmiao noodle exports: quality control pays off
好天氣趕製關廟麵 外銷香港

Guanmiao Noodle manufacturers dry noodles in the sun in Greater Tainan on Sept 18.

Photo: Wu Chun-feng, Taipei Times

Despite the recent tainted oil scandal in the country, quite a few Taiwanese food products have built up, over a long period of time, a reputation for quality and the trust of their customers. Exports to Hong Kong of Guanmiao noodles, which are mostly sun-dried, have continued. On the morning of Sept. 18 the sun was out in Greater Tainan, and noodle-makers were busy making noodles, making use of the good weather to get their product out.

Many merchants have recently been actively promoting exports of domestic quality products. They say that as long as the quality accreditation is there the orders keep pouring in, and that they still have their channel partners and overseas customers. They also say how important it is for everyone in Taiwan to club together and get through this food safety controversy together.

Guanmiao noodles do not require oil in the production process, and so there are no doubts over safety. Exports to Hong Kong and even Southeast Asia are continuing, and merchants are busy getting the products out. They are maintaining strict quality control, as the Made in Taiwan (MIT) brand absolutely needs people to rest assured. On Sept. 18, to fill an order from Hong Kong, the Changan Noodle Factory was busy from early in the morning. According to Chen Hsing-lung, who is in charge of the factory, quality is crucial to being successful in the export business, and trust in the reputation cultivated over the long term means that the product enjoys the continued support of channel partners and consumers.

Chen says that Guanmiao noodles are dried naturally in the sun, and not only are no additives used in the process, but the ingredients used have all been accredited. These quality requirements are the reason for maintaining the business over the long term.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Paul Cooper)


1. taint v.

沾染 (zhan1 ran3)

例: The plastic of this bottle has deteriorated and tainted the flavor of the drink inside.


2. pour in v. phr.

湧入 (yong3 ru4)

例: Complaints began to pour in after the comedian made a particularly tasteless joke on TV.


3. club together v. phr.

上下一心 (shang4 xia4 yi1 xin1)

例: We can’t do this separately. We should club together.








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