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New Thai PM uses holy water, feng shui to ward off occult

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, center, looks on during a military parade in Thailand on Sept. 29.

Photo: Reuters

As he was preparing to move in to Bangkok’s Government House a few weeks ago, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha went through great lengths to sweep away any occult problems.

Prayuth has left nothing to chance since leading a military coup to topple a democratically elected government on May 22. After a meticulously planned power grab, he has systematically snuffed out dissent.

Like many politicians and generals before him, Prayuth believes in spiritualism and divination, and on Sept. 8 members of his entourage were seen carrying Buddha statues and religious idols, thought to bring luck, in to Government House.

Furniture in Prayuth’s designated office has been arranged according to the principles of feng shui.

“Prayuth’s work table has been placed in the east of the work room as this is thought to aid quick solutions,” a prime ministerial aide told Reuters.

“The tones in the building will mostly be green, as this is the army’s color and Prayuth, as army chief, is compatible with green,” the aide said.










1. ward off v. phr.

擊退;抵擋 (ji2 tui4; di2 dang3)

例: I have taken vitamin C in the hope of warding off colds.


2. leave something/nothing to chance v. phr.

(不)靠運氣 ((bu2) kao4 yun4 qi4)

例: Greg always makes plans for everything. He doesn’t leave anything to chance.


3. snuff out v. phr.

扼殺 (e4 sha1)

例: The country’s hope for democracy has been snuffed out.


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