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Maokong Gondola the perfect place for moon gazing
秋高氣爽賞月去 貓纜賞月好去處

The Maokong Gondola carries passengers up and down a wooded hillside in the Muzha area of Taipei’s Wenshan District on Dec. 3 last year.

Photo: Wu Liang-yi, Liberty Times

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation has announced that the Maokong Gondola will be operating as usual on Monday, the day of the festival.

A hill on the right hand side outside the gondola’s Maokong Station is the location of a “hidden vantage point,” which is now furnished with wooden steps and a wooden platform that were finished at the end of last year. Visitors can nibble cakes and sip tea while sitting on the platform, and cool autumn evenings are the perfect time for gazing at the moon.

If you take the left-hand fork in the road in front of the Maokong Station, which leads toward the tea showroom and Caonan, and walk along it for six to 10 minutes, the Taipei 101 skyscraper will appear before you. It is a superb spot for a panoramic view.

Next to the Zhinan Temple Station stands a classical painted octagonal pavilion known as the Yingxian Pavilion. The pavilion looks especially impressive at night, and the Green Light Platform that lies in front of it is another place with a great scenic view. An alternative excursion is to climb the trail behind the Zhinan Temple Station up to the mountaintop, which is known as a Mecca for lovers.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)







1. nibble v.

一點點地吃 (yi1 dian3 dian3 de5 chi1)

例: For a non-fattening snack, you can nibble sticks of carrot or slices of apple dipped in tahini.


2. sip v.

啜飲 (chuo4 yin3)

例: The tea is very hot. Sip it a little at a time or you will scald your tongue.


3. excursion v.

行旅 (xing2 lu3)

例: After the conference all the delegates went on an excursion to a beach resort.


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