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Cat lady stuck in tree rescuing cat needs rescuing herself

A cat naps in a shop in New York City on April 24.

Photo: AFP

Several residents of an Erie, Pennsylvania neighborhood heard a cat crying from a tree for several days over the weekend, and one decided to assist the animal but ended up also needing help.

As reported by the Erie Times-News, a self-proclaimed animal lover, Tara Dennis, decided to climb and rescue the distraught feline on the afternoon of June 15. Dennis told the paper, “I couldn’t let the cat stay up there.”

She scaled a fence, jumped onto the roof of a garage and managed to get herself on to a lower tree branch. Dennis estimated she climbed 40 feet total before she came upon the cat in need. It was on her descent that she ran into trouble and she had to stop at a certain point.

Neighbor Marty Tirak called 911 and firefighters arrived on the scene with a 28-foot ladder. Reportedly, they carried the cat down first, and then helped Dennis get to solid ground.

(Liberty Times)







1. come upon v. phr.

偶然找到;遇到 (ou3 ran2 zhao3 dao4; yu4 dao4)

例: We came upon this rare book from the early 19th century at the bookstore today.


2. in need idiom


(zai4 qiong2 kun4 zhong1 de5; zai4 wei2 nan4 zhong1 de5)

例: A friend in need is a friend indeed.


3. run into trouble idiom

遭遇麻煩 (zao1 yu4 ma2 fan2)

例: Our project ran into difficulties when we ran out of funds.


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