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A : I’d like to apply for a few envelopes to send out some contracts.

B : I’m sorry. We’re all out of envelopes. You’ll have to wait until the general affairs department gets some more.

A : How long will that take? I’ll go ahead and buy some and use the unified business number on the receipt to get recompensed.

B : That should be fine. I’ll make sure with the department.

A : 我想申請幾個信封,寄合約用。

B : 不好意思,信封用完了喔!只能等總務再進貨了。

A : 那要等多久啊?我可以自己先買,再拿有打統編的發票報帳嗎?

B : 應該可以,我會跟總務那邊確認一下。

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