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A : Hi. I’m a sales rep from Catlonique. Your company’s looking for businesses to invest in an event. We’d like to set up a time to give a presentation.

B : The person in charge of the project is away on business and won’t be back until the middle of the month.

A : Oh, I see. I guess I’ll call back then to see when a good time would be.

B : OK. Please be sure to call us then. Thanks.

A : 您好,我是C公司的業務代表,關於貴公司這次的活動招商,我們想約個時間過去提案。

B : 好的,不過專案負責人正在出差,要到月中才會回來喔!

A : 這樣啊,還是我月中再來電,看何時方便過去拜訪?

B : 好的,那就麻煩您到時再聯絡囉!謝謝。

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