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Toilets in the spotlight at Prague’s new museum of relief
布拉格新解放博物館 馬桶吸睛

Jan Sedlacek, head of the Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets, poses for a picture at his museum in Prague, the Czech Republic on Aug. 8.

Photo: AFP

Toilets, bedpans and other must-haves for nature’s calls from around the world are on display at a museum in Prague that claims to be the largest of its kind.

Rows of toilet paper, bathroom vessels of all types, shapes and sizes and cistern pulls made of china, wood and brass are the stars of the show at this museum of relief in the Czech capital.

“We bought a 10th-century fortress near Prague and discovered a historic toilet there,” says Jan Sedlacek, a 59-year-old civil engineer and head of the Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets.

“That’s how it started: we wanted to know how people did it back then,” he told AFP, pinpointing the moment he became a toilet collector.

The museum, which opened at the fortress in 2010 and moved to Prague this year, now boasts 2,000 items, which Sedlacek says makes it the world’s largest ahead of similar venues in India and Spain.









1. must-have n.

必備之物 (bi1 bei4 zhi1 wu4)

例: The iPad has quickly established itself as a must-have.


2. relief n.

解脫;寬慰 (jie3 tuo1; kuan1 wei4)

例: It was such a relief to hear that Marta was found safe and well.


3. collector n.

收藏者 (shou1 cang2 zhe3)

例: He is a keen antiques collector.


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