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A : That person you interviewed called asking when the interview will be posted.

B : Oh no. I haven’t even cleaned up the interview manuscript yet. I’ve been totally swamped lately. What should I do?

A : Actually I don’t have anything to do now. Would you like me to help?

B : Thanks for asking, but my writing is really messy. I don’t think you’d be able to decipher it. I’d better just find the time to do it myself.

A : 你上次採訪的人打電話來問,何時刊登訪問內容。

B : 啊,那份採訪稿我還沒時間整理,最近實在太忙了,怎麼辦?

A : 我手邊的事正好告一段落,需要我幫忙整理嗎?

B : 謝謝你的好意,不過我的字有點草,怕你看不懂,我還是自己找時間整理好了。

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