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Five gas leaks found in Nantou
南投瓦斯外洩漏夜查 找到五洩漏點

A worker checks for gas leaks in New Taipei City on Aug. 19.

Photo: Lai Hsiao-tung, Liberty Times

Several gas leaks were reported in downtown Nantou City on the night of Aug. 17, alarming local residents and highlighting shortcomings in the local pipeline company’s efforts at responding, including difficulties quickly gaining control of the affected area. During a disaster response review meeting on Aug. 18, Nantou County Fire Department Director Lin Tsung-chi requested that the gas company review the situation and provide detailed response measures and blueprints for all pipelines within a week.

After a series of gas explosions in New Taipei City and Greater Kaohsiung, people are terror-stricken anytime they smell gas in the air. At around 9pm on Aug. 17, people reported smelling gas in the business area along Sanhe Third Rd where many food stalls are set up. After receiving calls, police and firefighters quickly arrived on the scene, blocked off streets and alerted local residents. It was a rare sight to see the typically bustling area of Sanhe Third Rd entirely deserted. Soon thereafter other areas around the city also reported gas leaks, with 14 reports in all received by the early morning hours on Aug. 18.

Local natural gas pipelines are under the jurisdiction of Shinlin Co, which was called in to inspect the reported leaks. Five leaks were found altogether, including areas along Sanhe Third Rd, Fusing Rd, Gongyuan St, Zucih Rd and Sinyi St. In other areas the wafting odor of gas was also detected. All natural gas in the area was immediately switched off and the crisis finally ended around 3am on Aug. 18. Local residents could not sleep well the entire night. Shinlin dispatched three teams to replace old pipes on the morning on Aug. 18.


1. rare adj.


(han3 jian4 de5; xi1 you3 de5)

例: It was a rare effort on her part to satisfy all the parties involved in the case.


2. deserted adj.


(kong1 wu2 yi1 ren2 de5; kong1 dang4 dang4 de5)

例: The city is set to demolish the deserted building next week.


3. vigilance / n.


(jing3 jie4; jing3 jue2; jing3 ti4)

例: Tourists should maintain vigilance when traveling in the city.


At the department’s natural gas pipeline disaster response meeting on Aug. 18, Sinlin Co’s Nantou Service Center director Lu Chih-sung said that since major domestic gas explosions have occurred, in order to increase the public’s vigilance, the odor of the gas was increased for several days in a row to help with pipeline safety inspections. On the night of Aug. 17, the relatively stronger odor caused people to notice the smell and make reports out of fear. All of the cases were only slight leaks, Lu says, adding that none posed a major threat. He also says that the company will still work to improve its pipeline inspections and replace old pipes.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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