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A : I think the boss is upset with me for some reason, or am I imagining things?

B : There’s definitely something odd going on between you two. Did you do something to make him mad?

A : Not that I’m aware of, but lately it feels like he’s a bit quick-tempered whenever he talks to me and I have no idea why.

B : Maybe he’s got something else on his mind. Don’t worry about it, just be careful.

A : 我覺得老闆最近好像有點看我不順眼?是我的錯覺嗎?

B : 你們之間的氣氛確實怪怪的,是有什麼事惹到他嗎?

A : 我印象中沒有啊,但我覺得他最近口氣都有點衝,不曉得為什麼?

B : 可能他有別的事在煩心吧?別想太多,最近做事小心點就是了。

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