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NYC mayor’s plan for rail strike? I’m outta here
因應鐵路罷工? 紐約市長閃人度假

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio attends a news conference at New York City Hall on July 17.

Photo: AFP

New York’s tabloid newspaper front pages are easy to imagine — a photo of a nightmarish traffic jam caused by a strike at the largest US commuter railroad juxtaposed with a shot of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sunning himself on an Italian beach.

Despite the potentially damaging political optics, the Democratic mayor on July 19 embarked on a nine-day Italian vacation in the face of a looming Long Island Rail Road strike, which if it had happened would have paralyzed portions of the largest US city.

The mayor had said he would return from his trip if a crisis arose, but signaled that he believed his team could manage without him.

Even before the Long Island Rail Road labor talks broke down, the trip, funded in part by taxpayers, raised eyebrows. De Blasio has been in office only since January, and his vacation is scheduled to last longer than those of recent mayors.








1. in the face of idiom

儘管 (jin2 guan3)

例: She dropped out of school in the face of strong opposition from her parents.


2. break down idiom

故障;失敗;崩潰 (gu4 zhang4; shi1 bai4; beng1 kui4)

例: My car broke down on my way to work this morning.


3. raise eyebrows idiom

引人側目 (yin3 ren2 ce4 mu4)

例: His tight pants raised a few eyebrows at the convention.


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