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Volunteers keen on cleaning up Wanhua’s image
凝聚社區向心力 青年志工艋舺掃街

Volunteers from the West Jing Danshui River Cutlure and Art Development Organization currently involved in the “Guiyang St sunshine project” pose for a group photo in Taipei’s Wanhua District on July 20.

Photo: Chen Yen-chun, Liberty Times

The West Jing Danshui River Culture and Art Development Organization, formed by local residents in Taipei’s Wanhua District, has initiated the “Guiyang St sunshine project.” The group held a commencement ceremony at Wanhua’s Chingshan Temple on July 20. The project’s principal aim is to revive the local culture and history of the Wanhua area, bringing back its long-obsolete sense of community by cleaning up the streets, providing culture-oriented tour guides and engaging in community volunteer work.

With brooms in hand, a group of young volunteers from West Jing quietly swept from one end of Guiyang St to the other. Inconspicuous actions like this signify that something quite substantial is occurring culturally. The organization’s founder Huang Shih-shang said that he hopes these street-sweeping events can invoke shared historical memories and make people care about the community again.

A veteran in the media industry, Huang became a full-time cultural volunteer in 2007, striving to preserve the history and culture of Wanhua. He believes that restoring to Wanhua the prosperity that it once enjoyed is the responsibility of residents living along Guiyang St and also the mission of all Taipei residents. Taipei’s birthplace must not simply become a vestige of the past, Huang said.

Taipei Wanhua Rotary Club president Martin Chang says that, “When people think of Wanhua, they usually think of the three H’s: harlots, hoodlums and hobos.” The thriving and booming area that was once Wanhua, is now a sluggish, downfallen and disorderly area, Chang says, adding that hopefully the Guiyang St project’s street-sweeping events will bring people in the area together and create a new image for Wanhua.


1. engage v.

從事;忙於 (cong2 shi4; mang2 yu2)

例: Bob has been busily engaged in painting the house all weekend.


2. founder n.

發起人;創立者 (fa1 qi3 ren2; chuang4 li4 zhe3)

例: Ray Kroc is the founder of the McDonald’s Corporation, which was founded in 1955.


3. inconspicuous adj.

不顯眼的;不引人注目的 (bu4 xian2 yan3 de5; bu4 yin3 ren2 zhu4 mu4 de5)

例: Betty hid the jewels in an inconspicuous spot where the robbers would never find them.


The project, now in its second year, will have professional culture tour guides and community service events daily at 9:30am and 4pm until Aug. 17. Local residents are encouraged to participate in the project.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







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