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A : I apologize for making you wait so long. Something came up at the office I had to deal with. I’m half an hour late. I’m very sorry.

B : No big deal. Couldn’t you have called to let me know though?

A : I suddenly got dragged into this meeting. I couldn’t use the phone and the meeting finished later than it was supposed to.

B : No biggie. At least you’re here now. Hurry up and see what you want to order.

A : 對不起,讓你久等了!公司臨時有事走不開,晚了半小時,很抱歉!

B : 是還好啦,但你可以先打電話告訴我啊。

A : 我是臨時被抓去開會,沒辦法打電話,會議結束時間又比預料得晚。

B : 算了啦,有來就好,還是快看看要吃什麼吧!

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