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Some irked by town’s ‘redneck’ theme for parade

People participate in an Independence Day parade in Avondale Estates, Georgia in the US on July 4.

Photo: EPA

You might be a redneck if you do not object to a rural upstate New York town’s theme for its annual Fourth of July parade.

Some people around Salem, however, are not amused by parade organizers’ decision to go with “Redneck Summer” for this year’s theme.

The volunteer fire department stages the annual holiday parade in Salem, a farming community located on the Vermont border 40 miles (64km) northeast of Albany.

One organizer tells the Post-Star of Glens Falls that the number of groups participating had decreased, so they decided on the redneck theme to “spice it up a little bit.”

A few people have objected, including Mary Greene. She calls the theme “disturbing” and says redneck does not have a good connotation.









1. object to v. phr.

反對 (fan3 dui4)

例: The lawyer objected to the testimony of the witness.


2. amused adj.

被逗樂的 (bei4 dou4 le4 de5)

例: She amused her guests with an interesting anecdote during dinner.


3. disturbing adj.

令人不安的;使人震驚的 (ling4 ren2 bu4 an1 de5; shi3 ren2 zhen4 jing1 de5)

例: They received disturbing news that their grandfather was murdered in the park last night.


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