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A : People say women should wear pencil skirt outfits for job interviews.

B : Yeah, it’s more formal. What’s the problem?

A : A lot of people hate wearing pencil skirt outfits. What about women’s business suits?

B : Companies aren’t that strict about interviews these days. As long as you’re not dressed casual, I think it’s fine.

A : 人家說女生最好穿窄裙套裝參加面試。

B : 這樣是比較正式沒錯,有什麼問題嗎?

A : 問題是很多人討厭穿裙子啊。褲裝不行嗎?

B : 現在企業面試應該沒那麼嚴格了,只要不是休閒款,我想應該沒問題的。

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