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Oil painting certified as early work by Dali

A newly identified painting by Spanish artist Salvador Dali titled Simulacre de la nit (Simulation of the Night).
一幅新發現的達利作品Simulacre de la nit

Photo: AFP

An oil painting sold at a Spanish antique shop over two decades ago for around 150 euros has been certified as Salvador Dali’s first surrealist work which he painted as a teenager, art experts said on May 22.

Tomeu L’Amo, a painter and art historian, found the canvas at a store in Girona in northeastern Spain in 1988.

It was dismissed for years as the work of an unknown artist because the signature includes the date 1896 — eight years before Dali was born.

After subjecting the painting to the latest high-tech tests — including infrared photography, X-rays and ultraviolet radiation — between 2004 and 2013, art experts have concluded that it is indeed the work of Dali and was made around 1921 when he was 17 years old.

L’Amo said he sold the work earlier this month, for an amount which he refused to reveal, to a collector who wishes to remain anonymous.

“The painting can be considered the first surrealist work of Dali,” said a leading Dali expert who has studied the painting.

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1. certify v. 證實 (zheng4 shi2)

例: Ask the manager to certify this check.


2. canvas n. 畫布 (hua4 bu4)

例: He penciled the title across the back of the canvas.


3. subject to v. 讓...經歷 (rang4 … jing1 li4)

例: Employers often subject applicants to rigorous interviews.


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