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A : Charlie, we’re meeting with a very important client tonight. Why are you dressed so casual?

B : Don’t this shirt and these dress pants look pretty good?

A : The problem is that your shirt is casual and not formal. I suggest that you wear a suit jacket next time when there’s an important occasion.

B : You’re right. Attire is part of etiquette. I’ll remember that next time.

A : 查理,今天晚上要跟大客戶見面,你怎麼穿得這麼休閒?

B : 襯衫搭配西裝褲,看起來挺好的啊?

A : 問題出在你的襯衫,那是休閒款,不是正式襯衫。我建議你下次有重要場合,至少得穿個西裝外套。

B : 也是。服裝也是一種禮儀,下次我會注意的。

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