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A : Monica from customer service just went into a tirade in the office.

B : What’s wrong? She usually gets along very well with people. It’d be hard to upset her.

A : It was this rude, unreasonable customer who didn’t read the instruction manual and was operating the machine wrong. He just called in to yell at us.

B : The world really is full of all sorts of people.

A : 客服部門的莫妮卡剛剛在辦公室發了一頓牢騷。

B : 怎麼了?她一向是EQ很好的人。要讓她發火真不容易。

A : 是一個無理又不懂禮貌的客戶,不先看說明書,結果操作機器不當,就直接打電話來指責我們。

B : 果然,這世上什麼樣的人都有。

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