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Woman’s mouthful of rotten teeth causes sinusitis and damages eyesight
一口爛牙 惹出鼻竇炎還影響視力

A dentist checks a woman’s teeth in Yilan County on Aug. 6 last year.

Photo: Hu Chien-sen, Liberty Times

A successful 46-year-old business woman who had not gone to the dentist for over a decade due to fear had a mouthful of rotten teeth, which had unexpectedly caused sinusitis and was even affecting her eyesight.

Carol Huang, a dentist at the Jhubei Leon Dental Implant Institute, says that the patient had kept herself busy concentrating on her career, which, coupled with a morbid fear of seeing the dentist, had kept her from going to the dentist even though she only had a few good teeth left. After a friend encouraged her to do so, she finally went to the dentist.

Huang found that the patient’s teeth were in terrible condition and a panoramic X-ray of her mouth showed that the root of an upper incisor had a hole about 2cm in diameter. After that, the patient abashedly said that her incisors had been shifty for quite a while, but that she had been too scared to do anything about it.

The patient also said that over the past few years she had been suffering from sinusitis and that last year she started experiencing blurry vision in her left eye. She went to the doctor for treatment, but her condition never improved.

After Huang removed the patient’s incisors, she found that the perforation inside the roots of her teeth were full of pus. Huang quickly cleaned the wounds, gave her a bone graft, and then implanted eight upper and lower teeth and 12 artificial teeth. After a full dental reconstruction, her teeth were like new again.

The most important thing is that after a month the sinusitis that had been tormenting the patient for so long was finally gone, and the intraocular pressure in her left eye was also reduced. Having returned to normal, her blurry eyesight also improved. When she went to the dentist for a return visit, she shook her head and said that she never could have imagined that pain in her teeth could cause damage to her nose or eyes.


1. rotten adj. 腐爛的;腐朽的 (fu3 lan4 de5; fu2 xiu3 de5)

例: These tomatoes are rotten. (這些番茄爛掉了。)

2. blurry adj. 模糊的 (mo2 hu2 de5)

例: The picture is all blurry. (畫面模糊不清。)

3. torment v. 困擾;折磨 (kun4 rao3; zhe2 mo2)

例: Please stop tormenting me with all these questions. (請別再問這麼多問題折磨我了。)

Huang surmises that a patient with this sort of situation was created by an infection that had been left untreated for over a decade. The pus pushing on her sinuses and her left eye caused the sinusitis and blurry vision in her left eye. This is a very rare case, Huang says.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)









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