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A : Here’s the company’s external briefing. Can you make it look a bit more professional?

B : These are all extremely reliable surveys. I don’t know what you mean.

A : This briefing is so disorganized and the font size is inconsistent. It’s really hard to look at.

B : OK. I’ll have someone from design help with the visual aspects of the presentation.

A : 這是公司對外的簡報,你能讓它看起來更專業一點嗎?

B : 這裡頭都是極具可信度的專業調查啊,我不懂你的意思。

A : 這份簡報編排雜亂無章,字級忽大忽小,看起來很不舒服。

B : 好吧,視覺呈現部份我會再請設計部的同仁幫忙。

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