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Post-tsunami deaths outnumber disaster toll in Fukushima

Children look through windows at a playground as volunteers from the tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co remove ice and snow and level dirt in the ground in Tamura, Fukushima prefecture, Japan on April 1.

Photo: Reuters

Health complications stemming from Japan’s 2011 tsunami have killed more people in one Japanese region than the disaster itself, the local authority said.

Data compiled by officials and police show that almost three years after the huge waves smashed ashore, 1,656 people living in Fukushima prefecture have died from stress and other illnesses related to the disaster, compared with 1,607 who were killed in the initial calamity.

Along with the prefectures of Miyagi and Iwate, Fukushima was one of the worst hit parts of Japan when a huge 9.0 undersea earthquake sent a wall of water barreling into the coast.

The waves swept more than 18,000 people to their deaths across the country, and destroyed entire communities.

Fukushima was also hit with the resulting nuclear disaster after cooling systems at the Daiichi nuclear plant were knocked out, sending reactors into meltdown and forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of people.

Almost three years on, many people remain displaced, whether because their homes around the power plant have not been declared safe or because rebuilding along the coast has been slow.










1. resulting adj.

從而發生的 (cong2 er2 fa1 sheng1 de5)

例: After the flood, the resulting epidemics killed even more people.


2. knock out v. phr.

使毀壞 (shi2 hui3 huai4)

例: Radars were knocked out and aircraft were shot down.


3. send into v. phr.

使進入(特定狀態) (shi3 jin4 ru4 (te4 ding4 zhuang4 tai4))

例: The remark sent him into a fit of laughter.


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