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Taitung County cracks down on traffic violators as driver fatalities soar
死亡車禍多 台東警察大執法

Police and medics tend to a head-on collision in Hualien County on Jan. 25.

Photo: Hua Meng-ching, Liberty Times

The Taitung County Police Bureau is clamping down on traffic violators after a steady stream of driver fatalities. The bureau has mobilized all police precincts and stations in the area, setting up mobile stations for several consecutive days now to crack down on speeding, illegal passing and drunk driving. Police seem to be all over the place, which has drivers frightened about being caught red-handed and breaking the bank.

“Why are there police all over the roads with radar guns? Has something serious happened,” asks one driver surnamed Hsieh. All along Provincial Highway 11, you can see several groups of police every 20km along the highway enforcing the law. If a car is speeding slightly, the police officer raises the radar gun to see how fast it is going, which made Hsieh think that some serious crime had been committed. Hsieh says that he has never seen the police working so hard, and for so many days too, which has made him extra careful, especially making sure to slow down while making turns or going over bridges.

The bureau says that an analysis of all the car fatalities that keep pouring in shows that the major culprits include speeding, illegally passing other vehicles and driving under the influence of alcohol. To help ensure road safety for motorists, police stations and precincts along Provincial Highway 9 and Provincial Highway 11 have been marshaled to set up temporary stations at areas more prone to accidents in the hope of reducing traffic violations.

Police will continue stepping up efforts by issuing more warnings and cracking down on motorists caught tailgating, driving at night without headlights, driving under the influence, refusing to take breathalyzers, not yielding to pedestrians, occupying bike lanes, or suddenly slowing down, braking or parking in the middle of lanes.


1. red-handed adj.

現行犯的;正在作案的 (xian4 xing2 fan4 de5; zheng4 zai4 zuo4 an4 de5)

例: The case was dismissed because the defendant was not caught red-handed.


2. break the bank idiom

荷包失血 (he2 bao1 shi1 xie3)

例: I would like to buy a new car without breaking the bank.


3. prone adj.

傾向於;易於 (qing1 xiang4 yu2; yi4 yu2)

例: Seth is prone to accidents.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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