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A : Sir, it’s pouring down all across Taiwan. Maybe we should reschedule our meeting with the client.

B : Don’t be silly. When it’s raining out, that’s the best time to visit clients.

A : Won’t it be awkward for them if we’re all wet when we arrive?

B : Being soaked head-to-toe when you deliver documents to clients makes them feel like we take their business seriously.

A : 前輩,今天全台下大雨,我們還是跟客戶改約吧。

B : 別傻了,下雨天正是拜訪客戶的最好時機!

A : 但要是淋濕了還登門造訪,客戶也會很為難吧?

B : 濕漉漉的把資料送到客戶手裡,他們才會覺得我們敬業。

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