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Tens of thousands stage anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo

A protester wears a “No Nukes” hat during an anti-nuclear demonstration march in Tokyo, Japan on March 15.

Photo: AFP

Tens of thousands of citizens turned out for an anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo on March 9, as the nation prepared to mark the third anniversary of the Fukushima disaster.

Demonstrators congregated at Hibiya Park, close to central government buildings, before marching around the national parliament.

They gathered to voice their anger at the nuclear industry and the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has called for resumption of nuclear reactors to power the world’s third largest economy.

“I felt it’s important that we continue to raise our voice whenever possible,” said Yasuro Kawai, a 66-year-old businessman from Chiba prefecture.

“Today, there is no electricity flowing in Japan that is made at nuclear plants. If we continue this zero nuclear status and if we make efforts to promote renewable energy and invest in energy saving technology, I think it’s possible to live without nuclear,” Kawai said.

Protesters in Tokyo stressed that Japan can live without nuclear power as it has done so for many months while all of the nation’s 50 commercial nuclear reactors have remained offline due to tense public opposition to restarting them.

In a light-hearted approach to get their message heard, musicians performed using electricity generated by huge solar panels at the park. The rally featured stars like composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, who played music he created three years ago to mourn the victims of the disasters.








1. turn out v. phr.

現身 (xian4 shen1)

例: Voters turned out in droves.


2. raise one’s voice v. phr.

大聲疾呼 (da4 sheng1 ji2 hu1)

例: We will continue raising our voice against the nuclear power plant project.


3. whenever possible phr.

盡可能 (jin4 ke3 neng2)

例: Do good whenever possible.





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