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South Africa’s Zuma hits out at ‘trigger-happy’ police

African National Congress supporters flee as police fire rubber bullets after they tried to confront members of the opposition Democratic Alliance party as they marched in central Johannesburg, South Africa on Feb. 12.


Photo: Reuters

South African President Jacob Zuma hit out at “trigger-happy” police in an interview published on Feb. 8, following the deaths of at least nine people since January at the hands of police cracking down on protests.

Public anger has mounted against the hard-handed police force in the run-up to a May 7 general election as Africa’s largest economy faces a wave of protests over wages and shoddy public services.

“No I am not happy, I don’t think anyone can be with trigger-happy police. It’s not good at all,” Zuma said in an interview with the Independent Newspapers Group.

“The police need to be trained, specifically trained, particularly dealing with a country that is prone to protest. You need to be ready for that.”

Zuma’s comments came as mining firm Anglo American Platinum confirmed one of its striking workers died in clashes with police at its operations in the northern province of Limpopo.

Zuma also raised concern about the violent nature of the protests.

“If we just criticize the police only and not talk about violent protest, I think we are missing the point,” he said.











1. hit out v. phr.

猛烈批評 (meng3 lie4 pi1 ping2)

例: Leaders of the opposition hit out at the plans to build more nuclear power plants.


2. trigger-happy adj. phr.

胡亂開槍的;好戰的 (hu2 luan4 kai1 qiang1 de5; hao4 zhan4 de5)

例: The notoriously trigger-happy police have become a threat to our society.


3. shoddy adj.

品質低劣的;虛有其表的 (pin3 zhi2 di1 lie4 de5; xu1 you3 qi2 biao3 de5)

例: Our company’s reputation would be tarnished by shoddy goods.


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