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Looted Iraqi museum hopes to reopen, minus many relics
眾多古物缺席 遭劫掠伊拉克博物館重新開幕

Visitors to the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad look at ancient Assyrian human-headed winged bull statues on Dec. 31 last year.

Photo: Reuters

A decade on from the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein and whipped up a tsunami of theft in Baghdad, Iraq’s National Museum is preparing to display its treasures of Mesopotamian culture — even if thousands are missing.

The looting of the museum under the eyes of US troops has sometimes been compared to the Mongol sack of the Grand Library of Baghdad in 1258. Then-US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld shrugged it off with the comment “stuff happens.”

But if many Iraqis still see the museum’s looting as a symbol of the cavalier recklessness of the invasion, its current state is emblematic of the bloodshed, political discord and bureaucratic dysfunction that have racked Iraq ever since.

Museum workers also hope it could one day encapsulate the promise and achievements of an oil-rich country which for millennia sat at the heart of human civilization.

“The museum is now displaying some of the stolen antiquities that were recovered and restored. From a historical perspective and in terms of restoration, it’s a very good thing, and they’re ready to be presented,” said Shaimaa Abdel Qader, a tour guide with the museum.

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1. whip up v. phr.

造成某事 (zao4 cheng2 mou3 shi4)

例: His remarks whipped up a controversy.


2. under the eye of phr.

在某人監督下 (zai4 mou3 ren2 jian1 du1 xia4)

例: Students work under the watchful eye of their teacher.


3. cavalier adj.

漫不經心的;毫不在乎的 (man4 bu4 jing1 xin1 de5; hao2 bu4 zai4 hu1 de5)

例: He has a cavalier disregard for the rights of others.


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