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A : A new supervisor started today. I wonder if he’s easy to get along with.

B : Instead of trying to get the lowdown on the new boss, why don’t you get all your work done first?

A : It always makes the future a little easier if you get the inside scoop early on.

B : If you do your job well, the higher-ups won’t bother you and maybe they’ll even give you more responsibility.

A : 今天剛來了一個新進主管,不知道好不好相處。

B : 與其去打探主管的底細,不如先把你自己的事情做好再說。

A : 先打聽一下,以後日子比較好過。

B : 能夠把工作做好,上司自然不會找你麻煩,或許還會倚重你。

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