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Man sues toothpaste brand for not getting him any women

An opposition supporter with toothpaste applied to his face to protect himself from teargas shouts during a protest against President Nicolas Maduro’s government in Caracas, Venezuela on Feb. 17.

Photo: Reuters

Here is a man who has been using Close-Up brand of toothpaste for seven years in the hope of attracting a female. However, his hopes have been dashed and now he has decided to sue the brand as it has not aided him in attracting ladies with fresh smelling breath as the toothpaste ads suggest, according to Geobeats.

According to Athony Olatunfe, 26, Unilever Nigeria Limited has been sued and he has demanded that the company prove its claims with lab tests.

In the Close-Up ads, women are shown flocking to men after they brush their teeth, Geobeats says.

Olatunfe says, “No girl ever agreed to even go out for a tea or coffee with me, even though I’m sure they could smell my breath. I always brush my teeth with so much Close-Up gel to make sure the girls get turned on by my fresh breath as they usually show on TV.”

The aggrieved man has submitted all of his used, half-used and unused tubes to the court as evidence. Unilever has been accused of “cheating” and causing him “mental anguish.”

(Liberty Times)








1. dash v.

打破;毀滅 (da3 po4; hui3 mie4)

例: My travel plans were dashed by a blizzard.


2. flock v.

成群聚集;成群而行 (cheng2 qun2 ju4 ji2; cheng2 qun2 er2 xing2)

例: Tourists from all over the world flock here to witness the astronomical wonder.


3. turn on v. phr.

引起興趣;引發性慾 (yin2 qi3 xing4 qu4; yin2 fa1 xing4 yu4)

例: Does that muscular guy turn you on?


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