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E-cigarettes do not help smoking cessation: foundation
電子菸助戒菸? 董氏︰別上當!

A woman smokes an e-cigarette in her shop in the Brooklyn borough of New York on Feb. 8.
Warning: Excessive consumption
of alcohol can damage your health.

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Staff from the John Tung Foundation say that on the eve of Valentine’s Day this year the foundation received nearly 100 phone calls from people asking if they should give their significant others e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking. E-cigarettes are useless, however, when it comes to smoking cessation, the foundation says, adding that e-cigarette smokers still inhale harmful chemicals and that the devices should definitely never be used.

Lin Ching-li, chief of the foundation’s tobacco control division, says that the WHO has on several occasions issued warnings that e-cigarettes deliver a high dose of nicotine — six to 24mg, and that e-cigarette users still become addicted. The cigarettes also contain high levels of the chemical propylene glycol and many heavy metals. Smoking e-cigarettes is the same as inhaling any other harmful chemical stimulant in that it can be fatal to your health, Lin says.

The quality of e-cigarettes is also inconsistent, Lin says, adding that many cases of the cigarettes exploding during use and severely injuring people’s mouths have been reported outside of Taiwan. If smokers believe that they can put their mind at ease about safely using e-cigarettes they are mistaken, she says, adding that you would be spending money to severely hurt your health. More is lost than gained by postponing the opportunity to quit smoking, Lin says.

Lin says that people should not make the mistake of giving e-cigarettes as gifts anymore because they are tobacco products that are just as easy to become addicted to and run the risk of abuse with other drugs. The best gift you could give your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day is taking them to a smoking cessation clinic to receive professional treatment, she says.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)


1. significant other n. phr.

配偶;另一半 (pei4 ou3; ling4 yi2 ban4)

例: Will you come to the party alone or bring your significant other?


2. cessation n.

停止;中斷 (ting2 zhi3; zhong1 duan4)

例: A cessation of hostilities occurred only after the two nations had been at war for over a decade.


3. inhale v.

吸入 (xi1 ru4)

例: Hold your breath and try not to inhale the fumes.







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