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A : I’ve made a blunder again. I don’t think I’m cut out for this job.

B : Everyone makes mistakes. In my opinion, you’re just not that familiar with the workflow.

A : You really think so? But I’ve never seen you make such stupid mistakes.

B : Trust me. I was worse than you when I first started here.

A : 又出紕漏了,我想我真的無法勝任這份工作。

B : 誰能不犯錯?在我看來你只是還不熟悉一些工作流程。

A : 你真的這麼認為?但我從來沒看過你犯過這些愚蠢的錯誤。

B : 相信我,我剛來的時候比你還慘。

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