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National Museum of Taiwan Literature gets new director

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature is seen in this photograph taken in Greater Tainan on Oct. 9 last year.

Photo: Meng Ching-tzu, Liberty Times

Minister of Culture Lung Ying-tai traveled to southern Taiwan on Jan. 27 to preside over the handover ceremony for inaugurating the National Museum of Taiwan Literature’s new director. Some people in the culture sector are anxious about newly inducted director Weng Chih-tsung’s apparent lack of a background in Taiwan literature. Lung says that it is normal to have misgivings about newly appointed officials, adding that the museum director position is that of a government bureaucrat who is supposed to build a stage, not take to the stage to act in the lead role. Weng has abundant administrative experience and is qualified in the fields of literature, history and art, Lung says, adding that perhaps he will bring more diverse and fresh interaction to the museum.

After completing his four-year post as museum head, former director Lee Jui-teng has decided to return to National Central University to teach, while Weng, a specialist from the ministry’s Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, has taken over the position. Lung affirmed Lee’s contributions over the past four years, personally giving Lee flowers during the ceremony as a token of gratitude. Lung also said that people working in the culture sector have imaginations as strong as wild horses, while administrative work necessitates having the disposition of farming cattle. As a scholar and someone who works in the culture sector, Lee has made steady progress at the museum over the past four years in building a firm foundation for literature in Taiwan.

Lung hopes that Weng will be able to build up the museum as a platform allowing Taiwan’s writers to shine, using his ample administrative experience to stay on track with the ministry’s policies, give impetus to diverse international interests, thoroughly strengthen the roots of Taiwanese literature, as well as broaden its ambitions, the overall field and its international perspective.


1. anxious adj.


(jiao1 lu4 de5; gua4 nian4 de5; ke3 wang4 de5)

例: The chef is anxious to get in the kitchen and get dinner started.


2. token n.

標誌;象徵 (biao1 zhi4; xiang4 zheng1)

例: Please accept this as a token of my appreciation for everything you’ve done for me.


3. perspective n.

視野;觀點;看法 (shi4 ye3; guan1 dian3; kan4 fa3)

例: You should try to view the issue from a historical perspective.


Weng says that he will lead the museum in building upon its current foundation so that it can continue to shine and generate energy. In the future, Weng would like to have a firm grasp on literature as a whole in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of literature, advancing internationalization and working closely with the ministry. Full of emotion, Lee said that he will always be a volunteer working for the museum and continue to care about it.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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