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France summons US ambassador over spying report
針對監控報告 法國召喚美國大使

French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius leaves a government aircraft as President Francois Hollande, bottom left, looks on at Villacoublay military airport, near Paris, France on Oct. 30 last year.

Photo: Reuters

France summoned the US ambassador on Oct. 21 last year after Le Monde newspaper reported the huge scale of alleged American spying on French citizens, with Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius calling the revelations unacceptable.

Le Monde said the US National Security Agency (NSA) recorded 70.3 million items of French telephone data between Dec. 10, 2012 and Jan. 8 last year and had collected tens of thousands of French phone records.

Its targets appeared to be individuals suspected of links to terrorism, but also people tied to French business or politics, the paper said.

The allegations tested France’s relations with Washington just as US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Paris for the start of a European tour over Syria.

Fabius said the Le Monde report on Oct. 21 last year had revealed “unacceptable practices.”

“So we’ve asked the United States to provide clarifications, explanations and justifications extremely quickly,” he added.










1. summon v.

召喚;召集 (zhao4 huan4; zhao4 ji2)

例: They must summon another conference and make a final decision.


2. unacceptable adj.

不能接受的 (bu4 neng2 jie1 shou4 de5)

例: The proposal is quite unacceptable.


3. clarification n.

澄清 (cheng2 qing1)

例: The whole issue needs clarification.


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