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A : This job stinks. The work is dull, my coworkers are unsympathetic and the manager is incompetent.

B : You covered just about every aspect of your job, but you forgot to look at yourself.

A : I just want a job that makes me happy.

B : There aren’t any jobs in this world that can make you happy. There are just people who are happy about the work they do.

A : 這份工作糟透了!工作無趣、同事無情、主管無能。

B : 你似乎檢討了工作的每個環節,卻忘了檢討你自己。

A : 我只是想要一份快樂的工作。

B : 世界上沒有快樂的工作,只有快樂工作的人。

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