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A : This client is notorious for being hard to handle, but they’re perfectly submissive with you. How do you do it?

B : It’s easy. Just remember the name of their department and go out of your way to greet them next time they visit.

A : That’s it?

B : Yeah. Be nice to them and they’ll say good things about you when you’re gone.

A : 這客戶出了名的難搞,對你卻是服服貼貼,你是怎麼辦到的?

B : 很簡單,記住他部屬的名字,下一次拜訪時主動跟他們打招呼。

A : 就這樣?

B : 沒錯,對這些人好,在你離開後,他們會繼續替你說好話。

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