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Cat jumps on cameraman’s head during news shoot

A cat named Pelle stands in the cat cafe Pee Pee’s in Berlin, Germany on Jan. 2.
一隻名為沛樂的貓咪一月二日,站在德國柏林的一間名為「Pee Pee’s」的貓咖啡廳內。

Photo: EPA

CBC cameraman Sam Martin was in the field with reporter Briar Stewart in Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada covering a story about school buses when Sam had a very unexpected surprise.

A camera friendly feline strolled near the bus, then took notice of the cameraman and his gear. What appeared to be a gray and white tabby cat leapt up Sam’s back while he was shooting a promo for the story, made its way atop the cameraman’s head, then perched on the tripod mounted camera.

Off camera, you can hear Sam saying, “Is this for real?” Briar could not contain herself, laughing uncontrollably, then saying, “I have never seen that in my life! Somebody needs to videotape this Terry.” Briar was talking to CBC Network producer Terry Reith, who managed to snap multiple shots of the hilarious event.

(Liberty Times)






1. take notice of idiom

注意到 (zhu4 yi4 dao4)

例: They didn’t take notice of her, so she left.


2. leap up /lip ?p/ v. phr.

往上跳 (wang3 shang4 tiao4)

例: My dog leapt up and licked my cheek as soon as I came home.


3. contain v.

控制;遏制 (kong4 zhi4; e4 zhi4)

例: I could hardly contain my curiosity.


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