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East Asian touring exhibition of Chen Cheng-po’s works to celebrate artist’s birth
陳澄波百二誕辰東亞巡迴大展 首站台南

Greater Tainan Mayor William Lai, back row second from left, Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation chairman Chen Chung-kuang, back row second from right, and government workers pose with a poster promoting “Chen Cheng-po’s 120th Birthday: An East Asian Touring Exhibition” and a photograph in Greater Tainan on Sept. 13 last year.

Photo: Lin Meng-ting, Liberty Times

This year the 120th birthday of distinguished Taiwanese painter Chen Cheng-po is being celebrated. The Greater Tainan Government and the Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation have joined forces, inviting Academia Sinica’s Institute of Taiwan History to help organize “Chen Cheng-po’s 120th Birthday: An East Asian Touring Exhibition” — a traveling exhibit that will be on display in five cities in three countries for over a year. Since construction of the Tainan Fine Arts Museum is not complete, the local government has been working diligently to renovate facilities at four cultural institutions around the city to display works from the exhibition, making Tainan the first stop on the tour and allowing the art to be shared with the entire city.

It has taken two years to plan and organize the exhibition. The Greater Tainan Government set a budget for the project a year ago and completed all of the necessary preparations. The exhibition will be the largest in Tainan history, with the largest number of works and the most comprehensive display of artifacts — an estimated 460 paintings and 500 artifacts. Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation chairman Chen Chung-kuang has donated 20 of his father’s priceless paintings to the Tainan Fine Arts Museum’s permanent collection, including oil, Chinese brush and watercolor paintings. Among the paintings is Chen Cheng-po’s last painting with Tainan as its subject — New Building. The exhibit is organized according to the temporal and spatial aspects of Chen’s artistic career, dividing the exhibit into six main themes — “the eye of a modernist,” “world coordinates,” “Parisian imagination,” “Oriental sentiments,” “the frontline of art education” and “glistening lights.”


1. diligently adv.


(qin2 mian3 de5; qin2 fen4 de5)

例: Cassandra is diligently working on her report.


2. budget n.

預算 (yu4 suan4)

例: The budget for the next fiscal year is currently being drafted.


3. adequately adv.


(tuo3 shan4 de5; shi4 dang4 de5)

例: Please use the resources adequately to avoid waste.


Since Chen’s death the foundation has for many years adequately preserved Chen’s works and numerous other priceless artifacts. His children and grandchildren say that as family members they bear the responsibility of passing on his artistic achievements and educational ideas to future generations. They hope that the touring exhibit will allow many people to get reacquainted with the artist, dispelling the tragic image of him merely as a political sufferer, and return to him the dignity that a true artist deserves. His family also hopes that by putting his paintings and artifacts on display people will remember this artist who passionately loved Taiwan, and gain a deeper understanding of Taiwanese art.

The extensive exhibit will be on display from Jan. 18 until March 30, rotating between the Sinying Cultural Center, the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center, Cheng Cheng-kung Museum and the National Taiwan Museum of Literature. Then, starting on April 25, the exhibition will be on display in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Taipei respectively, until the end of March next year.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)




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