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A : Wyatt is really thick-skinned. He had the audacity to tell everyone in the meeting that he is the reason the event was so successful this time.

B : Some people love taking all the credit, but when it is time to work they disappear.

A : Too bad the boss cannot see how he usually performs.

B : It would not matter if he did. When it comes to shirking responsibility, he is a virtuoso!

A : 懷特臉皮真厚,居然在會議上把這次活動的成功說成他的功勞。

B : 有些人就愛邀功,平常辛苦的時候倒是不見人影。

A : 可惜老闆看不見他平常的表現。

B : 看見了也沒用,他卸責的功夫也是一流!

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