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Successful dredging project makes port new tourist attraction in Greater Tainan
能散步釣魚 月津港整治有成

Yuejin Port is pictured in this photograph taken in Greater Tainan’s Yanshuei District on Dec. 16 last year.

Photo: Yang Chin-cheng, Liberty Times

In the past, Yuejin Port in Greater Tainan’s Yanshuei District was notorious for being squalid, polluted and fetid. After a makeover to beautify the area, the port is now free of its ill repute. In November last year the Greater Tainan Environmental Protection Bureau tested the water and found that it was of higher quality than that of Tainan Canal.

Many Yanshuei residents and tourists are still in disbelief. Long-time Yanshuei resident Wu Chun-jung says that cleanup projects at Yuejin Port’s waterside parks in the past merely consisted of superficial improvements to the environment. The water was black and smelled terrible, he says, adding that no one ever wanted to walk around the parks. With improvements made to water quality, Wu now walks along the park’s paths every morning and evening, enjoying the scenery along the river.

Yanshuei was famous in the past for its fireworks displays, says local resident Chen Shun-chih, adding that he hopes in the future the port will be linked with other local historic sites, such as the Bajiao Building, Chiaonan Historic St, Wangyeh Temple St, Liencheng Alley and Yiyin Alley, helping it garner tourists and business opportunities as an integrated tourist area similar to Lugang Township and Anping District.

Greater Tainan Bureau of Urban Development Director-General Wu Hsin-hsiu, also a Yanshuei native, says that the Yuejin redevelopment project began six years ago. To date, the project has obtained NT$230 million (US$7.7 million) in federal funding, and in a relatively short period of time the port has been successfully dredged, the water quality is pristine and the old stench is gone, he says, making him feel as though it was all a big dream.


1. notorious adj.


(e4 ming2 zhao1 zhang1 de5; sheng1 ming2 lang2 ji2 de5)

例: Toronto’s notorious mayor Rob Ford was Google Canada’s search term of the year for 2013.


2. disbelief n.

不信;懷疑 (bu2 xin4; huai2 yi2)

例: The leak has raised disbelief among voters that the candidate would follow through with his reform promises.


3. garner v.

獲得 (huo4 de2)

例: You will need to garner more support from minorities to win this election.


Improvements made to the port’s waterside parks include parks one, two, 17 and 18. Wu says that the main reason the water quality has improved is because wastewater from houses along the city’s Kangle Rd has been blocked and no longer runs into the port. The foul smell that came from silt went away after the cistern was drained. Approximately 1.5m of silt was dredged, a protective layer of soil was added to the bank and water purification equipment was set up at park two, all of which helped with overall improvements.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







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