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Mobile phones to outnumber people this year, says UN agency

A pedestrian uses her mobile phone as she walks past a shop front in Hong Kong on Dec. 20 last year.

Photo: AFP

There will be more mobile subscriptions than people in the world by the end of this year, according to a UN agency report. The UN International Telecoms Union (ITU) predicts that subscriptions will pass seven billion early this year.

There are currently 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions and 7.1 billion people.

ITU World 2013 reported that more than a third of the global population are online.

The Commonwealth of Independent States, the alliance of countries formerly in the Soviet Union, has the highest mobile penetration with 1.7 subscriptions for every person. Africa has the least, with 63 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants.

(Liberty Times)







1. outnumber v.

數量超過 (shu4 liang4 chao1 guo4)

例: In our office women outnumber men three to one.


2. subscription n.

訂購 (ding4 gou4)

例: We bought our niece an annual subscription to the tennis club.


3. penetration n.

穿透力;滲透 (chuan1 tou4 li4; shen4 tou4)

例: The company is trying to increase its market penetration.


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