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Taiwanese man loses lawsuit against Vietnamese matchmaker for unmade match
越女收聘拒婚 男告媒婆告不成

A Taiwanese man surnamed Lee used a woman friend surnamed Chou as matchmaker in Vietnam. In the process, he was charged more than NT$200,000 for introduction and handling fees for the matrimony. A month later Lee eagerly went to Vietnam to register the marriage, but the woman he was supposed to marry rejected him. Lee, quite perturbed, decided to sue Chou for fraud. During a preliminary hearing the public prosecutor said that since Chou never accepted money from Lee and it would be difficult to prove Lee’s accusations because subpoenaing witnesses from Vietnam was not feasible, the charges against Chou could not be upheld.

Lee says that Chou, a 40-year-old Vietnamese national, introduced him to her aunt as a go-between. Lee and Chou took a flight together to Vietnam on Nov. 20 last year. After meeting Lee, Chou’s aunt felt no sparks between them, so Chou’s younger brother and his wife arranged for Lee to meet another woman, surnamed Mei, to see if they were compatible. Apparently they were satisfied with one another and immediately began planning the marriage locally. Apart from inviting a large number of guests for the wedding reception, Lee also bought Mei a lot of jewelry, spending a total of NT$220,000. They planned to return to Vietnam a month later to complete the marriage registration process. Mei said she had other business to attend to and did not return to Taiwan with them.

Lee went back to Vietnam on Dec. 27 last year to register his marriage with Mei, who refused to marry him and would not return the jewelry that he had given her. Lee felt that he had been tricked and filed a lawsuit against Chou and Mei for fraudulent behavior after returning to Taiwan.


1. go-between n.

牽線人;媒介者;中間人 (qian1 xian4 ren2; mei2 jie4 zhe3; zhong1 jian1 ren2)

例: The NGO served as a go-between for the disenfranchised and the local government.


2. compatible adj.

能共處的;可並立的 (neng2 gong4 chu3 de5; ke3 bing4 li4 de5)

例: After dating for several weeks they found that they were not compatible.


3. veracity n.

誠實性;真實性 (cheng2 shi2 xing4; zhen1 shi2 xing4)

例: The facts clearly call into question the veracity of your statement.


The public prosecutor found that Chou would only admit that she had introduced Lee to her aunt, and denied introducing him to Mei. Chou also said that she never accepted money from him for making the introduction. The veracity of Lee’s accusations could not be upheld in court because it was impossible to subpoena Mei or any of the people responsible for arranging the marriage in Vietnam to appear in court to explain.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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