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A : Mobile devices are becoming more common. Maybe in the future everyone can do all of their office work outside the office.

B : That’s very possible, but I think the office still has to exist.

A : You think working out of the house is bad? The hours are more flexible and you save money on transportation.

B : But there’s no way people would be more efficient at home than at the office.

A : 行動裝置越來越普及,或許未來大家不在辦公室也能辦公事。

B : 這的確有可能,不過我認為辦公室有它存在的必要。

A : 在家工作不好嗎?工作時間有彈性、又能省下交通費。

B : 在家工作的效率肯定不會高於在辦公室裡。

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