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Swedish cinemas introduce gender bias film rating

Swedish members of the Stockholm Film Festival jury pose with the empty chair of their fellow jury member, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, in Stockholm, Sweden on Nov. 5.

Photo: EPA

A cinema group in Sweden has introduced a controversial new gender bias rating to shine a spotlight on sexism in films, but critics said the move could lead to self-censorship.

To receive the new “A” rating, films must feature at least two named female actors who have a conversation about anything other than a man.

The rating is based on a test made popular in 1985 by the comic strip artist Alison Bechdel. While the so-called Bechdel Test seems easy enough, many blockbusters actually fail to make the grade, including The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Star Wars films.

The rating project has the enthusiastic support of the state-owned Swedish Film Institute, which provides funding for virtually every homegrown Swedish movie — and all 23 films released last year.

Nevertheless, the body’s vocal support for the gender bias rating has led critics to complain about state interference in Swedish cultural life.

“It’s naive to think their reaction is not prescriptive. The Swedish Film Institute is a very powerful body in Swedish cinema,” said Jan Holmberg, a film researcher and head of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation.

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1. make the grade idiom

達到預期目標;表現令人滿意 (da2 dao4 yu4 qi2 mu4 biao1; biao3 xian4 ling4 ren2 man3 yi4)

例: Many people apply for these positions, but only a few make the grade.


2. vocal adj.

暢所欲言的;直言不諱的 (chang4 suo3 yu4 yan2 de5; zhi2 yan2 bu2 hui4 de5)

例: He had always been a very vocal critic of the president.


3. prescriptive adj.

規定的;限定的 (gui1 ding4 de5; xian4 ding4 de5)

例: Critics claim the new rules are too prescriptive.


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