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Locals protest recycling plant’s pollution
回收場鐵屑亂飛 龍潭人抗議

Around 50 local residents protest against a recycling plant’s alleged pollution in Taoyuan County’s Longtan Township on Dec. 11.

Photo: Chou Min-hung, Liberty Times

A recycling plant on Chenggong Rd in Taoyuan County’s Longtan Township has been emitting a putrid odor for sometime, and trees in the vicinity have turned black and withered, allegedly from contamination. Local residents believe that noxious iron particles and dust in the air from decomposing discarded tires are causing the pollution.

“Wearing N95 particulate respirators doesn’t help either,” local residents said angrily. A foul, putrid smell has incessantly plagued the area surrounding the recycling plant in recent years, and wearing a mask does nothing to block the strong odor. Residents have discovered that the fetid smell comes from iron particles, cotton fiber and dust in the air. They keep their doors and windows shut tight, while parked vehicles and vegetables grown in nearby gardens all have a layer of black on them. People are afraid to eat the vegetables they grow themselves.

Last week more than 50 local residents, led by Taoyuan County Councilor Chang Chao-liang and Huangtang Village Chief Liu Hsiu-tseng, held a protest outside the plant. The plant’s operator says that the plant was using machines to break up iron and non-metals and then using water to intercept the dust. It was not until a notice was received from the Taoyuan County Government Environmental Protection Bureau that the company was made aware that this interception method was not entirely clean, the company says, adding that it will make the necessary improvements immediately and has already shut the plant down, so there will not be any more dust flying around.

It is difficult for pollution from small factories to be discovered, Chang says, adding that such companies need to upgrade their facilities. The bureau says that it will enhance its inspections of this particular plant. If the plant reopens without making the necessary improvements, it will be in violation of the Air Pollution Control Act and could be fined as much as NT$1 million (US$33,777), the bureau says.


1. putrid adj.

惡臭的;腐敗的 (e4 chou4 de5; fu3 bai4 de5)

例: The trash in the kitchen is getting a bit putrid. Can you take it out?


2. wither v.

枯萎;凋謝 (ku1 wei3; diao1 xie4)

例: The roses you gave him last week have all withered.


3. intercept v.

攔截;查緝 (lan2 jie2; cha2 qi4)

例: The police intercepted a parcel allegedly containing a bomb.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)






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