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Northampton woman writes ‘thank you letter’ to burglars

People spell out the words “thank you” in English and Japanese at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Japan on Sept. 8.

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Kate Barrett, 36, has written a thank you letter to the burglars who broke into her house, and apologized for not having “particularly expensive tastes.”

“Dear Burglars, Thanks for popping by the other night and we’re sorry we didn’t have more for you to take,” she wrote in the letter.

She wrote that she and her partner, Dan Owens, were “disappointed” the thieves had ignored her VHS video and cassette collection.

“As you now know, we don’t have particularly expensive tastes so there’s no need to come in again, unless you would like to take my collection of VHS videos and cassettes — Owens is very disappointed you didn’t take these first time round.”

The couple were both away and Barrett got home first to discover the “ransacked” house.

Dan, 34, said, “The burglars had gone through every room, but there wasn’t too much to take — some cash, a camera, an iPod, but nothing too major.”

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1. pop by v. phr.

順道拜訪 (shun4 dao4 bai4 fang3)

例: Steve just popped by Jane’s flat on his way home.


2. ransack v.

洗劫 (xi3 jie2)

例: Those looters ransacked every house in the village.


3. go through v. phr.

迅速完成;仔細檢查 (xun4 su4 wan2 cheng2; zi3 xi4 jian3 cha2)

例: We must go through these exercises in 30 minutes.


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