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Cybercriminals steal US$1 billion according to Symantec’s report
根據賽門鐵克報告 網路犯罪份子竊取十億美元

Five men who have been added to the US’ FBI’s Cyber Most Wanted list are seen in FBI handout photos released on Nov. 5.

Photo: Reuters照片:路透

Symantec Corp’s annual Norton Report shows the cost of cybercrime in Australia plunged from US$1.65 billion last year to just over US$1 billion this year, as criminals skimmed smaller amounts in online fraud.

Half of Australia’s adult population has fallen prey to online crime in the past year, the latest global survey of cybercrime reveals.

The average cost per victim was US$201 this year, compared to US$306 last year.

Cybercriminals were not the only security risk — the Norton survey reveals that prying partners and friends are also snooping on personal files and social media accounts.

“One in 10 people have accessed their partner or friend’s account without their permission,” according to the report, which also says that “41 percent did it because they were curious, 26 percent were playing a joke, and 18 percent were checking the honesty of their friend or partner.”

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1. fall prey to v. phr.

受害 (shou4 hai4)

例: Our city’s tourism industry has fallen prey to the continuing economic woes.


2. pry v.

窺視;打探 (kui1 shi4; da3 tan4)

例: I don’t mean to pry into your private life.


3. snoop v.

窺探;調查 (kui1 tan4; diao4 cha2)

例: You should stop snooping on your ex-boyfriend and get your own life.


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