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Myanmar’s ‘tallest man’ undergoes successful surgery

Myanmar’s tallest man Win Zaw Oo arrives at Yangon international airport in Myanmar on Aug. 15 to depart for Singapore to seek medical aid.

Photo: EPA

Myanmar’s tallest man — “Big Zaw” — has returned from Singapore where doctors said he underwent successful brain surgery to remove a tumor responsible for his excessive growth.

Win Zaw Oo, who stands 233cm tall, arrived in Yangon on Thursday from the city-state.

Media reports about “Big Zaw,” who is believed to be the tallest man in the former junta-ruled nation, stirred global interest leading to offers to pay for the US$55,000 surgery.

Win Zaw Oo, who has spent much of his life barefoot because his family was unable to afford special shoes, is significantly taller than the 168cm average Myanmar man.

His case has cast light on the limitations of Myanmar’s threadbare healthcare system, which was neglected during decades of army rule.

A new quasi-civilian regime took power in 2011, but medical care remains woefully inadequate.

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1. undergo v.

經歷;蒙受 (jing1 li4; meng2 shou4)

例: The new car underwent its tests successfully.


2. cast light on v. phr.

闡明;使人了解 (chan3 ming2; shi3 ren2 liao2 jie3)

例: The discovery of the dinosaur skeleton may cast light on why they became extinct.


3. inadequate adj.

不適當;不充分的 (bu2 shi4 dang4; bu4 chong1 fen4 de5)

例: The production is wholly inadequate to meet the demand.


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